Hi, I'm Nic

I'm a writer, singer and university manager based in Brighton, and in my continuing efforts to become a full blown Brighton cliché, I'm about to start my training as a yoga teacher.

Some other things you might need to know about me are:

  • I'm a obsessive fangirl for a whole host of things
  • I have a V for Vendetta tattoo (amongst others)
  • I'm radically left wing and will argue about politics for hours, given half a chance
  • I overuse the words 'dude' and 'awesome', despite not being a surfer in a '90s movie
  • I'm chronically bad at talking to strangers

If you need to know more, you can click on the links up at the top, or drop me a line. I also post pictures of the sea on Instagram, if that's your kind of thing, and sometimes remember I have an Ello page (because Facebook is evil).